Volkswagen Touareg Owner's Manuals

The VW Touareg is a mid-size K3-class SUV with all-wheel drive. In 2018, the German concern introduced the third generation model.
Externally, the car can be distinguished from its predecessors by a massive radiator grille, which literally merged with the LED main light sources. A similar style and geometric shape is also watered by the air intake on the bumper. The rear view mirrors are unaccustomedly protruding and located on the legs.
At the stern, the blown rear arches, which flow smoothly into the rear lights, attract attention. LEDs visually divide the brake lights into three segments. The exhaust pipes are designed in the form of a trapeze.
The car has changed in size, namely it has added 77 mm in length. Transformations have touched the height. The car has sat down by 7 mm. Due to these changes in parameters the overall appearance has also changed. The exterior has become more dynamic. The volume of the trunk has changed and now is 810 liters. The car is made on a mobile MLB platform, so it was possible to lighten the overall weight.
The interior of the car is one of the most high-tech in the line of this German model. Cars with an expensive configuration are equipped with a virtual dashboard, represented by a 12-inch display, as well as a 15-inch multimedia touch screen. The control screen allows coordinating the settings of the climate system, seats, audio system and other options. The new model has an adjustable backrest on the rear sofa, which allows more leg room for passengers.
Among the powertrains available are the 3-liter V 6-cylinder diesel and 3-liter gasoline engines. The top model is the 4-liter bi-turbo diesel engine. The SUV is equipped with an 8-speed automatic transmission and all-wheel drive system.