2012 Volkswagen Golf GTI Owner's Manual

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2012 Volkswagen Golf GTI Owner's Manual

Among other features of Volkswagen Golf GTI it is important to note understated by 15 mm chassis, stiffer, sports suspension, and the presence of numerous safety systems, including the stabilization system with the function XDS +, through which is simulated locking differential.

The Volkswagen Golf GTI is powered by a 2-liter turbocharged TSI gasoline engine. German engineers have seriously modernized this power unit by developing a new cylinder head with an integrated exhaust manifold. In addition, instead of direct fuel injection appeared combined (operating pressure of direct – 200 bar), phase shifters are installed on both camshafts, and a two-stage valve lift control system – only on the exhaust. As a result, this made it possible to raise the engine power up to 220 hp, and in the Performance version up to 230 “horses”. Peak engine torque (regardless of boost) is 350 Nm. As for the gearbox, the base is 6-speed manual, while as an option you can order a six-speed “robot” DSG with two clutches.

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