2012 Volkswagen Polo Owner's Manual

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2012 Volkswagen Polo Owner's Manual

If we talk about the technical part of the updated Volkswagen Polo and some aspects of equipment, in this regard, it is worth mentioning slightly reconfigured suspension and the presence in all versions of the system of automatic braking after a collision, which reduces the likelihood of a second impact. Active cruise control, emergency braking system and sports suspension with electronically controlled shock absorbers will be available for an additional fee.

The engine range of Volkswagen Polo is as always extensive. Moreover, many of the engines engineers of the German company have upgraded. The base unit of the lineup is a 3-cylinder 1-liter engine that produces 60 and 75 horsepower and replaces the 1.2-liter engine. Instead of atmospheric 1.4-liter, in its turn, there is a forced turbocharged 1.2 with 90 “horsepower”, while the standard version remains producing 110 hp, then there is a turbocharged 1.4 with 150 hp, and as for diesel units, Germans have replaced former 4-cylinder 1.2 and 1.6 units with 3-cylinder 1.4 with 75 and 90 hp. Motors can be operated with 5- or 6-speed manual gearbox, or 7-speed “robot” DSG.

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