2023 BMW X4 Owner's Manual

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2023 BMW X4 Owner's Manual

The BMW X4 for 2023 will be available to its owners in three colors: silver, black and cherry. The radiator grille was risked to be equipped with right angles, the air intakes were placed vertically, and the headlights were narrowed by 10 millimeters and made completely LED.

Thanks to all of the above modifications to the exterior, the vehicle looks stylish and modern, whichever way you look at it. As for the rear, it adds sportiness and confidence to the overall image. The new, also LED taillights will not go unnoticed by inquisitive motorists. The car obviously doesn’t want to lose out to the competition and stay apart, so the developers have also added large exhaust pipes, between which there is protection of the bottom of the car.

The passengers in the front seat can fully enjoy the sports seats, which can also be adjusted for the comfort of the customers during the trip. In addition to the position of the seat, they (the customers) can easily change even its width. The cabin itself is equipped with a navigation function and two displays. There is also an iDrive touchscreen controller to choose from for controlling the vehicle’s operating system.

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