2019 Dodge Challenger Owner's Manual

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2019 Dodge Challenger Owner's Manual

The spacious interior was designed to accommodate four passengers, including the driver. Numerous equipment packages were offered, which abounded with the most advanced equipment at the time (power windows, overhead console indicators of an open door, unfastened seat belts and remaining fuel in the tank).

In 1972, the car received the first facelift, which touched the grille – its shape then nicknamed “sad grin” because of the lowered corners of the grille. The car also got new taillights. Production of the Challenger as a convertible ceased.

In 1973, the designers again had a hand with the grille, making it trapezoidal and wider. In addition to changes in the front end, the trucks received new rear lights – stoplights moved from the center of the “stern” to its edges, their shape became rectangular – as in reverse and turn signals. The bumpers now have rubber bumpers (were made to meet the U.S. crash-test safety regulations).

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