2022 Toyota Aygo Owner's Manual

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2022 Toyota Aygo Owner's Manual

The Toyota Aigo is powered by a liter 3-cylinder VVT-i gasoline engine that produces about 70 horsepower. The engine can be paired with both a 5-speed manual transmission and a 5-speed robot transmission.

In addition to external changes, serious work was done on the technical part of the car. The length of the Aigo is 3455 mm. This is 25 mm more than the previous generation, and 5-15 mm less than the Peugeot 108 and CitroΓ«n C1. At the same time, the Japanese hatchback became 5 mm lower than the previous one, and the track in front and rear is widened by 8 mm. The wheelbase has not changed and is equal to 2340 mm. However, overall length of Aigo’s cabin was increased by 9 mm, and front armrests are set 2 cm further apart than before. In addition, engineers were able to increase the trunk volume by 29 liters and bring it to 168 liters, which is still very small, but it is not very reasonable to demand more from such a compact car.

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