Kia Sorento Owner's Manuals

The Kia Sorento mid-size SUV has earned the trust of reliability over four generations. With each generation, the car acquires improved features and modern electronic chips. The longest time the 2nd generation of Kia Sorento has been produced – 11 years, until 2020. The latest model features a reinforced body, some of its elements are made of high-strength steel. Sorento 4 in the basic version is equipped with a turbocharged engine with a displacement of 2.2 liters, and its power is 199 hp. For gasoline engines are set 6-speed automatic, for Sorento diesel 8-band gearbox. The main advantage of the standard package is a four-wheel drive with the ability to connect the rear wheels. The interior is made in a premium quality. Everything here is stylish and looks like a business car. Backlighting of the torpedo is now installed. The central console separates the driver and passenger, on the torpedo in the center there is a large screen.
Kia Sorento Prime belongs to the third generation. This model differs from the last one only in some details of the body and more simple interior trim. But this one is much better than its predecessors. The body size has increased, the design has been freshened up, and the engine has four valves per cylinder. There are four engine versions to choose from. The black interior looks aesthetically similar to the Hyundai Santafe, although this car was built based on the SantaFe. To control the entire system of the car there is a minimum of extra buttons: only a multisteering wheel with paddle switches and climate control. Additional settings are made through the media system.