2008 Mazda 6 Owner's Manual

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2008 Mazda 6 Owner's Manual

Important is the fact that, unlike the second generation sedan Mazda 6, the front suspension of the third generation model received struts McPherson instead of double wishbone design. In addition, engineers shifted the front axle of the car by 100 mm forward, and wheelbase increased by 105 mm (up to 2830). But the volume of the luggage compartment decreased from 519 to 483 liters.

There are two petrol power units in the Mazda 6’s engine range – the 2-liter engine produces 165 hp of power, and the new 2.5-liter unit has 192 “horses” and 256 Nm of torque. The latter is paired only with a 6-speed automatic transmission, and the first can be aggregated with the 6-speed manual as well.

In some markets, under the hood of the sedan can be installed and 2.2-liter turbodiesel engine, producing 150 and 175 hp of power, depending on the boost.

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