2003 Mazda MPV Owner's Manual

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2003 Mazda MPV Owner's Manual

Due to the use of front-wheel drive the layout of the MPV was changed and curb weight decreased to 1558 kg. For the same reason, the usable interior volume increased and torsion rear suspension allowed to make the floor smooth, rising to the rear of the car. Due to this, each successive row of seats is located higher than the previous one, which improves visibility for passengers.

All the doors of the minivan have impressive size, especially the fifth – the rear. It is low, and there is a cut in the bumper, so the loading height is insignificant. Rear side doors are sliding, and the modern minivan can’t do without them.

The driver’s seat has mechanical adjustments, is comfortable enough and allows a person of almost any height. All seats in the passenger compartment are the same, with the ability to move longitudinally and recline the back.

The volume of the luggage compartment of the car can change from 294 to 2745 liters by removing the second and third rows of seats. The interior has a huge number of drawers for small items. The European version of the MPV is equipped with a two-liter engine rated at 122 hp, which meets stringent environmental requirements.

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