2014 Kia Picanto Owner's Manual

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2014 Kia Picanto Owner's Manual

The platform on which the restyled Kia Picanto is built remains the same. The settings of the chassis haven’t changed either. But now it is possible to install 252 mm front brake discs on the hatchback instead of regular 241 mm. In practical terms, such a change will reduce the stopping distance from 100 km / h from 39 to 37 meters. At first sight the difference is not too great, but in fact it can play a decisive role in a critical situation.

In the engine range KIA Picanto in the Korean market there is a new unit – turbocharged 1.0 TCI family Kappa, producing 106 hp of power and 137 Nm of torque, working in tandem with a variator and consuming a little over 7 liters of gasoline per 100 km in the combined cycle. However, this engine is not in the European range. But there is an updated 3-cylinder “atmospheric” 1.0 MPI, corresponding to Euro-6 environmental standards and giving 69 hp of capacity, and also a similar in capacity but 80 hp and 1.25-liter engine, capable to give 87 hp of capacity. As standard all engines are equipped with 5-speed manual transmission, and as an option (not for all engines) is available 4-speed “automatic transmission”.

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