2016 Volkswagen CC Owner's Manual

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2016 Volkswagen CC Owner's Manual

The box is a 6-speed DSG, which is characterized by a certain slowness. In D mode, the car drives smoothly, but responds very sluggishly to gas pedal movements, tries not to make unnecessary downshifts, etc. S mode allows the engine to growl angrily and quickly accelerate, but still does not make it possible to briskly change the speed limit in city traffic. Perhaps this is my subjective point of view due to the fact that there are 2 more cars in the family: Land Cruiser 200 and the previous Nissan Murano. So, Cruiser has a box on the order is faster, while Murano’s is two. the car was created in the style of a coupe and the low roof puts pressure on tall riders.I ordered a car in a 5-seat version, because I thought that the tunnel between the rear seats in the 4-seat version will definitely crush me by sitting on it. CC, like all VW is very energy-intensive and tough. No, it is, of course, much more comfortable than the usual Passat, but still, the development vector for engineers was controllability.

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