2019 GMC Savana Owner's Manual

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2019 GMC Savana Owner's Manual

The GMC Savana is a full-size minibus that was first introduced by the American automobile company General Motors in 1965. It was also known under the name “Rally”. This car is a typical representative of American vans. The time of the beginning of its production coincided with the extraordinary growth in popularity of such minivans. The model was very successful and for the next thirty years (up to 1996) has not undergone major changes. This contributed to the fact that the Savana has not had much competition. Minor changes were limited mainly to minor alterations in interior and exterior of the car (the appearance of cup holders in the doors, or new door handles).

The car was quite impressive in size. The massive front end, large headlights, low bumpers – all this emphasized the American style. The minibus was available in two versions: half-ton (GMC Savana 1500) and 1-ton (GMC Savana 3500). The cabin, depending on the configuration, could carry from 8 to 15 people.

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