2018 Toyota Avensis Owner's Manual

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2018 Toyota Avensis Owner's Manual

Toyota Avensis Touring Sports is a class “D” station wagon. The European modification of the restyled version of the third generation model took place at the Geneva Motor Show in March 2015.

Working on the updated Avensis Touring Sports, Toyota designers completely redesigned the front of the car, including the hood and fenders, and modified the bumper, lights and trunk lid at the back. Only the profile with the original line of glazing and triangular windows on the front doors allows you to draw parallels with the restyled version.

And if you glance into the interior, you will not see any trace of original Avensis of the third generation. Here everything and everything is altered, so that the automobile corresponds to modern corporate style. Naturally, the interior trim materials are of higher quality and the noise insulation is better (the soundproofing materials on the underbody, in wheel arches and inside body cavities are denser), and the equipment in Avensis Touring Sports is more rich now.

The engineers responsible for the running gear have also had a lot of troubles. Toyota says the updated Avensis can boast retuned suspension with softer springs and shock absorbers and, on the contrary, more rigid anti-roll bars. The steering is also recalibrated, which, in theory, should positively affect the handling and comfort.

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