2020 GMC Canyon Owner's Manual

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2020 GMC Canyon Owner's Manual

GMC Canyon Crew Cab (GMC Canyon Crew Cab) is a K4-class pickup truck. The world premiere of the second-generation model took place at the Detroit Auto Show in January 2014.

The first generation Canyon was virtually identical to its Chevrolet Colorado twin brother, but in the second generation, GMC decided to give the pickup more personality. Moreover, from a front view, the two cars are not related to each other. The Canyon has its own front end, which looks more like an older GMC Sierra.

The Canyon Crew Cub is offered in both rear-wheel drive and all-wheel drive versions. In the second case, the car is equipped with an electronically controlled transfer case with a choice of modes 2WD, Auto (with automatic front axle connection), 4WD HI or 4WD Lo. In addition, for an additional fee you can order the All Terrain package with 17-inch tires with developed cleats, reconfigured for rugged off-road suspension and lockable rear differential.

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