2020 Kia Niro EV Owner's Manual

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2020 Kia Niro EV Owner's Manual

The KIA Niro PHEV is a front-wheel drive hybrid crossover of the “K1” class. The first generation of the model. The rechargeable version premiered at the Geneva Motor Show in March 2016.

Following the “classic” hybrid Niro, presented at the Chicago Auto Show in early 2016, a plug-in hybrid version appeared, which implies some changes in the vehicle’s power plant and, accordingly, in its characteristics. Rechargeable crossover has an electric motor with 60.5 hp (170 Nm of torque) and lithium-polymer battery capacity of 9.8 kWh (full charging from household takes about three hours), which allows it (according to the passport) to travel up to 58 km on pure electricity. Running in tandem with the electric motor is a classic petrol engine 1.6 GDi, which produces 105 hp and 147 Nm of torque (operates on a more economical Atkinson’s cycle). So the total output of the power plant is 141 hp and 265 Nm of torque. The latter is transmitted to the front wheels through a six-speed “robot” with two clutches.

Externally the plug-in hybrid can be distinguished from the classic one only by the nameplates and the presence of an additional charging hatch on the front left wing. In terms of dimensions the cars are identical: 4355 mm length, 1805 mm width and 1545 mm height (wheelbase is 2700 mm). The power structure of the body uses 50% of high-strength steel, the suspension (front – McPherson struts, rear – multilever) uses aluminum elements.

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