2021 Kia Ceed Owner's Manual

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2021 Kia Ceed Owner's Manual

KIA Ceed is a front-wheel drive C-class hatchback. The third generation of the model. The world premiere of the car took place during the Geneva Motor Show in March 2018, sales of the model began at the end of the second quarter of 2018

For the brand KIA hatchback Ceed is an important link in the context of sales, because the figure of 640,000 produced hatchbacks of the second generation (2012-2018) means that the car is one of the best sales in the lineup of the Korean manufacturer. And this means that for the last – third generation – was set two objectives: not to lose the already “won” customers and get new ones. The influences of such strategy can be seen in the exterior design of the car.

The design of the model is an attempt to combine successful (recognizable) solutions of the previous model with the addition of new features. Thus, the trademark grille “tiger nose” has remained in place, but shortened the front lights (instead of stretched far to the front arches of the headlights) is the influence of the older and loved by the public Stinger. In the same context we can speak about three-sectioned front bumper, though lateral black inserts are only an ornament and a contrast to fog-lights. The “profile” of the car became much more dynamic because of the descending line of glazing. Not least of all due to the design of the Ceed looks more sporty “stern”: no round lines, only the severity of the rear lights (with LED trim) and relief molding of the trunk lid and rear bumper. Certainly, imitation of a grid on a rear bumper also adds its mite to the “image”. And dimensions are doing their job: the hatchback became 20 mm wider (1800 mm) and 23 mm lower (1447).

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